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Together, Woodman and Krupa have over 25 years experience in development-oriented evaluation and research in eastern Europe (primarily Ukraine) and Sub-Saharan Africa (primarily Zambia).  

Selected projects in Zambia:

  1. "iSchool" and tablet-based learning - framework, formative and outcome evaluation for tablet-based learning, including the entire primary school curriculum, with animation and sound - in any language. See
  2. Using digital devices to improve health services in Zambia's rural and remote communities. Funded by Grand Challenges Canada
  3. Establishing Safe Motherhood Action Groups (SMAG) and community action to prevent mothers' death in childbirth in Western Province. In collaboration with the traditional government and funded by diverse donors.
  4. Establishing collaboration between University of Zambia and Canadian universities - Simon Fraser U, U of Alberta, U of British Columbia.
  5. Low-cost high-impact community-driven sustainable health initiatives (LoHiCdSHI) - Addressing social determinants of health alongside health issues. With impoverished communities in Western Province and Lusaka. Funded by diverse donors.
  6. Addressing violence against women and girls in impoverished Lusaka communities. Funded by Grand Challenges Canada.

Selected projects in Ukraine:

  1. Strengthening democracy through education
  2. Building capacity for policy development
  3. NGO capacity development
  4. Assessing trade union capacity for reform
  5. Auditing WHO-sponsored prevention initiatives.
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